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+1 (585) 282-6580

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    We generally offer all kinds of Google reviews like “buy google reviews cheap”, buy google 5-star reviews”, buy google negative reviews”, etc.

    We follow the drip-feed suggested by you and post reviews as per the suggested timeframe. Usually, we post a single review every second day, i.e. on an alternative day posting as this is a reasonable time frame for posting reviews.

    Yes, we offer a 30 days replacement policy, under which if any review gets deleted within 30 days of posting it gets deleted, we repost it for free.

    Yes, we have thousands of local uses around the world. They post reviews as per your living country and business location or your direction.

    We generally accept PayPal, credit card, debit card, and even bitcoins.

    Yes, we publish negative reviews if any clients ask us to do those. Besides, posting negative reviews help to bring balance among the reviews and people believe your reviews when they see some negative reviews also.

    Though our reviews don’t get deleted because we do those so carefully. Even if any reviews get deleted then we have a 30-day replacement policy. So, we repost reviews for you.

    It depends on you. If you want you can write your review or if you ask we will write review for you. It is decided when the order is taken placed.

    Yes, we offer reviews for the whole world but most of our clients are from USA, UK, Canada, Australia, etc.