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ReviewCT provides professional, approved, and permanent Google Play Store reviews for android apps. Buy Google Play Store reviews from real experts that help your apps rank higher. Our highly experienced SEO experts offer safe and positive Google Play Store reviews and ratings to reach your android apps top on SERPs.

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How do you buy android app reviews from us?

To run an effective android app marketing campaign, you need to know how to post reviews and ratings for the google play store. If you want to buy android app reviews, then we help you to catch your goal. We have some workable strategies to post and write android app reviews that surely boost your app higher on the play store. We maintain all rules and regulations of Google. That’s why clients trust our Google Play Store reviews service.

We provide real, safe, and permanent google play store reviews. We help our clients to manage their android app reviews and ratings along with suggesting to them how to balance their reviews for the play store.

Since the android app market provides over 60 billion downloads of over one and a half million existing applications and counts more than 1.8 billion app downloads every month, making your app rank is important to make a profit. With over 70% of existing apps that operate on the Android platform, buying Android app reviews and ratings will bring you the desired rank of your apps on Google Play Store.

How to rank your android apps on Google Play Store?

Google Play Store is the largest app platform in the world covering over 60 billion android app downloads. Thus it has been the biggest market to promote android apps. Google has lots of free services and tools that help millions of people around the world to use the internet perfectly to get benefits. There are lots of android app developers who contribute and develop useful apps for smartphone users. And then the SEO experts or online marketers help those companies or app developers rank at the top of their app on Google Play Store.

If you are just starting your android app, then you should purchase some Google Play Store reviews and ratings to convince the users that your app is downloading and installing. And it also works well. This is a marketing strategy that needs to start before spending bucks for marketing.

So, if you are an android app developer or businessman and looking to buy Google Play store reviews, then ReviewCT will help you to buy some real, safe, and approved android app reviews and ratings for your play store. It will show the users that your app is working fantastically.

This process will ultimately increase the download, installs, and sales of your android apps.

Remember also that all reviews won’t help your app rank higher on Google Play Store. Only real, approved and positive reviews can do that. For this, you have to buy android app reviews from experienced SEO experts who have expertise in reviewing for Google services.

With these original and permanent Google Play store reviews, you can easily boost the profit, rank, and visibility of your android app.

We at ReviewCT help you buy google play store reviews and ratings trustworthy at an affordable price in the USA, UK, Australia, Canada, France, and Spain.

Steps to get real Google Play Store reviews

Most of the users download and install your app and then exit from the Google Play Store thinking that they will review and rate your app later. But, actually, they forget it.

That’s why you need to run a separate campaign that will motivate the users who have already installed your app. Communicate with the users, send them forms, and also say them to write their opinion about your app.

Then they will give you feedback about your app. But, this process is time-consuming meaning it may take 1-3 years to get only 100 reviews this way.

Therefore, most android app developers or businessmen want to buy Google Play Store reviews.

Below we have shown you some steps on how to motivate users to get reviews and ratings for your app:

  • Reply to every feedback to let the users feel appreciated
  • Offer some benefits for rating and reviewing
  • Reach every user personally once addressed to them
  • Offer 24/7 support and a helpline

Join in the open communication with the users. Tell them to leave feedback about your app. Offer them some bonuses for the best feedback. It is basically a time-consuming marketing strategy. If you don’t have enough time, then you can contact us. We will help you buy Google Play Store Reviews from genuine users that will help rank your android app.

The process to buy Google Play Store reviews from us:

  • Choose your package
  • Give your website link and necessary things mentioned on our website
  • Choose the buying option
  • Add to cart
  • Select your payment option
  • And we start our work within 24 hours
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